torsdag 20 oktober 2016

Occult Odyssey Interview!

Occult Odyssey is a Dark Ambient/Ritual project from Veracruz.

1.Hailz! First off i like to know something about how it all started this odyssey of yours? I understand that this formation started last year but what led you two into this abyss?

-Yeah, about a year ago I started the project along with Aacīvus Manifiesti around August of 2015, and we began to work on it, which gave as product our first release called “Apertoque Vortex Veneration”. Some pending works remained but I keep on the project while creating more music for Occult Odyssey.

2.As i had no idea whatsoever about what Propolos (κάτη) & Πάν meant or stand for i as a lazy citizen i googel it and only found a whole lot of Greece pages (cant read that) and some pharmacy pages with explanations like "The dietary supplement of Arkopharma contains propolis extract (maltodextrine), which helps to strengthen the body's defenses." ... So i guess you have to spell it out to me like it is or rather how this Propolos (κάτη) & Πάν comes into importance to this band & beyond?

-Ekáth (κάτη) means Hecate, according with the ideology of Aacīvus Manifiesti, and stands for the one who comulgates with this deity. 

3.Besides this how would you describe your own personal beliefs and paths? Is this bands occult digging & experiences one of many ways for you in this life?

-Occultism is a fundamental part of my life, it makes you see life in some other ways and make you more disciplined. You train very hard to handle certain energies that are handled from the ceremonial magic perspective or even to magical extensive readings to elaborate sigils, talismans, among others.

4.Beside gnosis how about your sophia in this specific field? Is the music you do a product from your rituals or is it as a transporter to be used to push forward into the trascendental vortex? I guess maybe both. 

-Occult Odyssey tries to create a lugubrious atmosphere, one of their ends is to try to put down the listener into a low gnosis so he can meditate and some magical aspects could take place, meanwhile people that are not into magic will listen to it, is going to suffer a transgression and will be taken to dark gloomy sides of their psyche.

5.Speaking purely about the technical aspects, what machinery do you use for this high sonic alchemy as you put it?

-We use some floor drums, synths and basic editing software as well as ambientations recorded within the nature, such as rain, thunders, and my own voice in a way to “mantralize” with chants some parts so it could have the desired effect overall the music. Nowadays we are working with other instruments like keyboard, guitars, Tibetan singing bowls, etc.

6.Is some label interested in releasing this demo, if so which one?

-Apertoque Vortex Veneration was released independently by ourselves. Nevertheless after that, Tanathology Productions, a Chinese seal contacted us for the re release of the album in a pro tape, which is soon to be released into the market this year. 
(this one)

7.What can you tell about the sigil/symbol that you use? I get a kind of qliphothic feeling from it.

-The sigil I occupy in the mask is part of the Pazuzu seal, a deity to which I communicate and feel identified with, this sigil can be found in some editions Weiser by Simon of the Nekronomicon, we are already working in new themes for Goetia, Qliphot and some Enochian.

8.How do you see the world if you gaze forward in time say 50 years?

A religious world governed by Islam in Europe and a religious pluralism in America from ancestral and the magical beliefs. Radicalism and sectarianism in some religions have grown in large scale, however the configuration of nowadays magic has risen, where orders are more flexible and take more adepts who work inside of them. 
In 50 years by now, we will be in a continuous fight for the secular power among historical religions and on the other side a growing mysticism.

9.Do you have some further news regarding future releases? 

-We have contact with some other record labels and some other projects to release at first glance, at least one split and later on a release by our own. We have been invited to local shows and have acquired new members a along as Aacīvus Manifiesti left the project and me, Der Cadáver still keep on making new music within Occult Odyssey and some other projects.

10.Thanks for your time! Best of luck with all!

-Thanks to you for the interview and for the time, your art is spectacular.


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BLOODLUST Interview!

Today i interview a band from Australia the land of baby eating demon dingos namely Bloodlust!
The play in a melting hot Blackened Thrash Metal !

1.Hails & greetings to RAW WAR! How has you day been so far in Perth, Australia?

-Hails! Well, despite the usual assumptions of Australia being a hot, dry place, today in Perth
it is very wet and extremely cold so I’m attempting to stay inside and away from the elements.

2.First i got to give congrats to the new (2015) and first full album "Cultus Diaboli"!
How was the process creating this beast? Was there some problems to over come or
was it smooth sailing? And would you say your ways of doing it changed from the
first demo to now?

-Thank you.
I wouldn’t say there were any problems as such with completing the final product.
It is a bit of an unusual process I guess, in that we had never actually rehearsed or played
any of the songs as a band. They were all recorded by Disaster and myself separately with us
only getting together once or twice to work out the vocal parts. It was a slow process in
that Bloodlust has kind of been a very secondary project and therefore I didn’t push hard
to get it finished in any particular time frame. The album could have been released a year
earlier as the recording was completed and mixed but it was a mix I had done myself, which
whilst I was happy with it as I wanted a raw sound for the album,  I thought perhaps a more
professional touch was needed so the album was remixed. The new mix took a while to be
completed but the actual recording process was fairly easy.

3. As your music is labeled Blackened Thrash Metal i would say some heavy metal and speed
is also melted down within your ironclad music.
What would you say is the dominant musical inspiration for you to walk this road of metal madness?

-I always use the label Black Thrash to describe the style simply because it’s an easy
description to use. It is probably not a completely accurate label as there are a lot of
heavy and speed metal elements in the music and probably more so in new material that has
been written. I think the album that really inspires what Bloodlust is trying to do is
Slayer’s Show No Mercy. That album is a combination of Heavy Metal of bands like
Judas Priest and Iron Maiden with more aggressive elements and that’s really the style
Bloodlust is setting out to achieve.

4.Besides musical inspirations how was the environment growing up? Was there something in
life that kicked you this way and how has your surroundings handle your "metal way-of-life"?

-Growing up in Perth, where I still live was pretty easy.
I didn’t have a hard life or anything. I got into metal when I was in my last years of
high school after seeing some Iron Maiden videos on TV.
I basically got hooked on listening to metal after that and then when at university I
started playing bass and then moved to playing in bands.

5.I must say i really like your overall art/design on your releases!
Is someone responsible for that stuff in the band or?

-I have done all the artwork for Bloodlust’s releases so far myself, both demos and Cultus Diaboli.
I basically started this project because I wanted to have a fair bit of control in all aspects of
the creative process, from the music and lyrics to the visual aspects. However with the new album
that we are working on which is called “At the Devil’s Left Hand” and to be released by
Caverna Abismal Records from Portugal, we have an artist called César Valladares doing the cover.
He does great work and I think if I was to try and do the cover art myself it would slow the
process of getting the album out way too much.

6.What do you think now about your first release (not that it is that long ago though)
"Thrashing Black Devil Worship"? What is the highlight of that one and is there something
you would like to change?

-I’m still quite happy with the first demo.
When I first started writing material for Bloodlust I had a clear idea in mind for the
overall sound and aesthetic for the band. “Thrashing Black Devil Worship” was a fairly
accurate representation of what I was wanting to do at the time and I think the material was decent.
It was a very rough recording and the playing on it is quite sloppy, especially the guitar but the
demo had the “vibe” I was after.

7.And on your second demo "Death Magic Rites" what would you say is best there?
I think myself that Infernal Bloodlust kicks ass.

-Infernal Bloodlust appeared on the first demo and was re-recorded for Death Magic Rites and for
the album. On “Death Magic Rites” the playing is tighter and the production is clearer and and a
bit stronger. I think it is a strong song, thus it is on all three releases.
Personally I think the song Iron Tyrants is probably my favourite from that release.
It has some good parts but also a few bits which annoy me, as again, some of it isn’t played
too great but overall it has the energy I was after.

8.Regarding the songs that reappears on the full length what is different from
their first incantations?

-To be honest there is actually not too much difference apart from better sound sound and
playing for the guitar parts and better mixing of the vocal parts.

9.How does the gigging look like in the near future and is there some more music
coming out this year?

-Bloodlust now has a live line-up and has played one show so far but we have a few coming up
in the next few months including a support slot for Destroyer 666 which I am really looking
forward to as they are one of my favourite bands and it will be great to share the stage with them.
And as I mentioned before Bloodlust has a new album on the way which will be released by
Caverna Abismal Records. The recording for “At the Devil’s Left Hand” is well underway and
I think it is a step forward from the material on the last album.
Personally I enjoy the new material as it is quite varied but still quite raw and straightforward.
I feel each song has it’s own identity. I am also working a couple of songs for a live demo
recording which I want to do involving the guys we use for playing live shows.

10.Thanks for your time answering this investigation!

-Thanks for taking an interest in Bloodlust!

Latest news: T-shirts coming soon! Artwork by Jenglot Hitam Artwork.

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måndag 17 oktober 2016

2 X Narbentage Produktionen release review!

Let us start off with Unryhts debut demo release "Nīþ".

This two-man band comes from Germany/Bavaria and plays in a harsh but thoughtful and cautious style of black metal, it has mostly a gloomy and negative atmosphere but sometimes it feels more constructive rather then destructive...the songs is pretty long but their ways of doing things really fits the play length with many slow but powerful build ups and (if somewhat traditional) great guitar parts, drums is pretty aggressive in the mix but does not drown the other instruments. The production is raw and sometimes it feels broken and that sounds soo good and suits Unryhts audial creations so well! Many memorable parts to be found here!
Vocals is great and has a very meaty rasp to it, there are some clean spoken and sung parts and they sound great as well! And that means quite much coming from me saying that!

I was really positive surprised with this release and it really grows from each listen, splendid music and atmosphere from start to finish! Grand pain and triumph is floating in this release, get it if you can!
Cool cover art also and great band logo!

I look forward to future releases from this band! If they continue with this quality they will be a strong force in this field for many years to come!

Track list:
1.     Haegtesse     07:27    
2.     Draumas       09:03    
3.     Seoc             08:23    
4.     Waelmist      12:47    

Next up we have Ahnenkult with their third release "Götterkult"!
They play Pagan Black Metal with focus on Nature, Cosmos.

Let me first just say that i cant really listen through the whole songs on this Ep and the reason for that is
that some minutes into the songs a clean voice starts to sing (the raspy vocals is good) and it sounds too appalling in my ears i throw my head phones  away! It sounds silly but these clean vocals sounds like some old man trying to sing along to the radio or something...sorry but i cant come past it, it really turns me off to the rest of the music here.

But let me try to be a bit more objective here i can say that the actual music sounds solid and is professionally played, the melodies is ok but not so much more but maybe some better parts is hidden after the clean vocal segments?   ...i will never know.

Nice cover design though :)

Track list:
1.     Mars     03:56    
2.     Jupiter     04:08    
3.     Saturn     04:32    
4.     Untitled     05:04    
                   Total: 17:40    

This release was besides  Narbentage released by Lupus Tonkunst
Label links:

lördag 15 oktober 2016

From the Vastland - Chamrosh

Here we have the fourth full album from the Iranian artist Sina, i dont know anything abut this project besides that the man himself busted out of old Iran to spread his black wings and crossed the seas over to Norway! Good for him that he now can create black metal without his life hanging on a blood coagulated cotton string, can´t be easy to live over there that is for damn sure.

Anyways with that exotic background one should be entitled to anticipate something above the run-of-the-mill metal music...and that is also what we get!
It is a blistering album that thunders ahead over and away and eradicate all in its way!
It is a very ice cold guitar riffing and punishing blastbeat fest here (even some nice bass parts is present!) and no one is allowed to leave the table until they are bloated and dead!
It has many great riffs and melody structures through out but i think my favorites is in track 1,2 and 5, very head bang inducing music but banging in a more serious way...if that is possible hehe.

Sinas vocals is strong and is in that throaty and raspy style but he also do some nice variations here and there. His side kicks on this album is no new comers as they are Tjalve ( Den Saakaldte) and Spektre (Keep of Kalessin) and they help out with some bass and drums....and their own main bands is also an indication of From the Vastlands own soundscapes.

Besides from this tight and hard hitting black metal assault the lyrics has an extra allure to them as they dont just deals with the regular satanic stuff but instead focus on Zoroastrianism, Mythology of Persia & Mesopotamia...and i cant say know much about this topics so it even  feels educating to read along.

Impressive album! ...And from what i heard his previous albums is just as good.

Track list:

1.     Wizarsh     06:21    
2.     The Malkusan Witch     05:51    
3.     Kresaspa & Seven Daevas     05:20    
4.     Chamrosh     05:19    
5.     Saurva, Demon of Hunger     06:26    
6.     I & My Serpents     06:01    
7.     Mardazma     07:12    

Released by Immortal Frost Productions

2 X Necator Review

From Poland comes a cold nostalgic storm wind!

First review here is on the 2014 release "Polish Evil Black Metal Art" which is the bands second full album.

Necator plays a very traditional second wave black metal as base form but what what makes this notch above the other demons in the vast sea of BM is their somber incorporation of subtitle bitter folk/pagan melodies and personal touches... me personally has often a hard time enjoying folk and pagan content but here they are done just right i think. I just love some of guitar parts on track three but every song is well constructed. All is played in more or less mid pace and it is mixed in a solid standard production, not raw but not polished. Vocals is good and is from the raspy Burzum like school, all fits well together.

The songs themselves is pretty long (around 5-9 minutes is common) and the members take good care of what they include through out the play time, it has both some nice icy build ups and bleak interludes etc etc. Most if not all lyrics is in Polish (...i guess) so i cant comment about them but it is not soo hard to guess what the overall direction is heading here anyways. Dark warriors of Europe!

Good atmosphere and solid song writing through out this album so if you looking for some traditional black metal with some subtitle Polish folkish touches this is a easy pick. But for me it took some spins to really appreciate the music to the full extent as it is not really screaming for your attention...

...and that leads me into one thing that can be a negative point to this band and that is the very stripped visual design on their releases, like the logo is just a clean and common font and not a personal drawn logo and the cover designs etc is very low key and  for some this can come off as very uninspired and impersonal image.... but of course i can see the bands rightfully so unwillingness to be sucked into the "metal-metal world" or something and to point all arrows to the actual music and not to some artwork and that i can respect of course... but just bare that in mind that what you find inside of a Necator releases is in (even though traditional) a more rich quality content then what you first see!
Track list:
1.     Zmierzch     07:22    
2.     Wieczny chłód     07:36    
3.     07.10.07     05:02    
4.     Sacerdos Mori     09:50    
5.     Ślepy tor     05:49    
6.     Gorce     05:25    
7.     Morderca (Kat cover)     03:35    
                     Total: 44:39    

Released by Eastside

Now over to the second review which is a 2 song Ep "Ciemności Gór Sokolich" that came out earlier this year.

Now 2 years has gone between the releases and like three other releases have come out that i have not heard until this Ep and something must have happened in the band! Anyway the music has now evolved towards a more progressive almost 70´s feel but containing the brash evil black metal aura...for some this can be a bad thing OR a good thing and i most cases i would think this was for the worst BUT these two songs is really great! It is very soaring and building madness and the vocals is now mixed more under the rest of the music and is more wailing around rather then following some lyrics. Production is also more alive here.

Great and surprising stuff here! Good clashes of the progressive structures and the negative mad screaming vocals plus some strong melodic (but not too much) guitar parts. if this is like a hint on what is coming for the next full length i think that album will be a modern classic! At least for people that can appreciate black metal that dare to go in some other directions besides straight into Satans anus hehe

Track list
1.     Ciemności Gór Sokolich        
2.     Aryan Beauty
Songs here is around 5-7 minutes

Released by  Nocturnal Silence but they seem to be closed now and the label Terror Propaganda has now released a tape collection the to Ciemność Gór Sokolich / Pożoga releases.

fredag 30 september 2016

Inferno Requiem - Moon

From lifes suffering  if one has any luck one gets some extra understanding of our existence...can that understanding help us? Beats me but i guess we have that desperate itch of knowing so we can in some ways  prepare ourselves for our  inescapable death...yeah humans are pretty useless.

Either way this band from Taiwan Inferno Requiem has been at it since 1999 and has been delivering some  of the lands few raw true black metal, this latest Ep "Moon" is divided in four pretty lengthy songs.

Overall the sound is in a dark moldy soul choked vein that climbs up on your back and weights you down...besides its bleak black metal roots you also hear some doom-esque influences that enhances the drowning feeling greatly...first two tracks is in this delightful heavy torture but then in song 3 the heat is somewhat pumped up with some grand guitar leads and nice building tensions... feels like moving in the shadows of the past.

...then for the final anxious blast beats stream out like some killer bee swarm, keyboards are also used tastefully. The heavy dark atmosphere is still here but this faster track also feels like a one steps out of the casket and into the burning light...a nice dramatic climatic conclusion (sure there is a small outro after it but it is not so important) for this great Ep that has both many good compositions and spades of  bleeding soul.

Very much worth to hunt down! Both traditional but with a firm personal touch.

Track list:
1.     Vein     08:13    
2.     Monolith     05:49    
3.     Moon     07:31    
4.     Coven     05:00    


lördag 10 september 2016

Gravespawn - Inexorable Grimness

From United States, California comes the horde Gravespawn!

I got this Ep the same time as i got the "Infirmos Vocat Deus Fidei" 4-way split so these two releases was my very first time i heard Gravespawn....first before more research i was about to start the review saying this was one of the best new black metal bands from USA but then i saw they or him should say as it started as a one man project have been active since 2004(had already 3 demos, 1 album and one split under their belt) yeah felt a bit dumb there hehe.

Anyhow back to the music! The sound is a unholy mix of grim medieval grand black metal that could just as well have been released in the mid 90´s BUT that glorious history does not swallow them up instead they continue on that hateful legacy with pride and integrity!

 (this only the promo version)

As i said in the start this is the only music i have heard from them so they might sound different or is not as good as now but this Ep (and the split that is just as great!) is worth hunting down!

Really strong and quite varied melodies and atmospheres, the guitars compositions is filled with strong tunes and the drums is  fierce and the bass is filling the night air and the raspy vocals round things of just right! Production is solid i think... i also got some strong Drowning the Light - From the Abyss vibes here! And that is a great thing in my book at least! This is a cd that will spin many moons here in the crypt.

A very tight and engaging release that encapsulates the great ancinet evil!
...and i look forward to the next release a whole lot!

Track list:

1.     Old Dragon's Domain     07:55    
2.     Oath of the Annihilator     05:18    
3.     Thy Gates Ablaze     06:24    
4.     Between the Devouring Monstrosities     06:47    
5.     Scribes of Forsaken Lore     06:31